I love making videos!  I make some myself, collaborate with Untamed Science because they are awesome, and work with a variety of other TV shows talking about my research, or just lending a hand (voice) as an animal expert. Below are some videos and playlists with some highlights.


My Own Videos: Playlists below


Videos made with Untamed Science: Playlist below

Other Productions:

I am a featured expert in the Science Channel’s What On Earth (currently their highest rated show!) and National Geographic’s World’s Weirdest.  I also filmed with NHK on a pair of TV shows featuring my research on kinkajous, and with National Geographic for TV shows about my research with coyotes and another about our fisher work (below).

Our pet cat tracking research is starting to attract some attention, including this web video by National Geographic.  My research on coyotes was also featured in the PBS special “Meet the coywolf” (a catchy name but not accurate, I prefer ‘Eastern Coyote’). My short blurb starts at 5:00 into the show.


I wrapped up filming recently for a new Smithsonian Channel production about our animal tracking research in Panama, excited to see the release soon, I’ll post a few pictures from the shoot below.

photo by Pioneer Studios for Smithsonian Channel

photo by Pioneer Studios for Smithsonian Channel

credit: Smithsonian Channel

credit: Smithsonian Channel









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