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Dr Kays with a studentI teach and advise graduate and undergraduate student research at North Carolina State University. I am in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and work with the cross-departmental Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology program and Public Science Cluster.   I serve as the major advisor for Masters and Ph.D. students, but only take new students when funding is secured (by you or me).  Any new open positions for students or post docs will be advertised at the bottom of this page.


I teach Mammalogy and Conservation of Natural Resources at NCSU. Mammalogy will be offered every other year, so fall semester of 2018, 2020, 2022 etc…  Here are some links for Mammalogy.

FW444/544 – Mammalogy

Example recent Mammalogy Syllabus

Video of the Mammalogy lab section preparing museum specimens in the Biodiversity lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Video of the Mammalogy class field trip to the Smokey Mountains.

Video of the Mammalogy class field trip to the Smithsonian.


  • Graduate student openings will be advertised here.  I can’t accept students without prearranged funding (yours or mine) so opportunities are limited.
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