Snapshot USA Symposium for Student Research

Friday 13th November, 1-3 pm EST.

This event will allow student to present their results from class projects using Snapshot USA data and images. Students will also evaluate each other’s work using a standardized peer review form, which will be shared with the presenter’s work. Discussion during the meeting will take place live on the Snapshot USA Slack channel.

Draft Agenda:

  • 1:00 pm Welcome and Keynote: Snapshot USA Staff
  • 1:20 pm Student Presentations
    • Posters
    • Lightning Talks (5pm)
    • Graphical Abstracts
    • Tableau Visualizations
    • Whatever else you want to present!
  • 2:30 Mammal Memes review and awards
  • 3:00 End

You can use this form here to register your presentation and provide a link to the video or graphic.

If you want to make a Mammal Meme you should check out the full collection of ‘favorite’ pictures from Snapshot USA here, or the smaller collection here.

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