Canid Creatures cover

Candid Creatures cover

I am am author of a new book  “Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature.” This is the first major book to reveal the secret lives of animals through motion-sensitive game cameras and includes over 600 remarkable photographs. Drawing from archives of millions of color and night-vision photographs collected by hundreds of researchers, I have selected images that show the unique perspectives of wildlife from throughout the world. Using the text and photos, I tell the stories of scientific discoveries that camera traps have enabled, such as living proof of species thought to have been extinct and details of predator-prey interactions.  The powerful combination of pictures and stories of discovery will fascinate anyone interested in science, nature, wildlife biology, or photography.


Signed copies are available through our Museum Store, please call them to purchase and I’ll sign it before they mail it to you. Phone: 919.707.9854 or 877.4NATSCI

You an also purchase from Amazon,, or your local book shop.
Here’s a 60 second sneak peak into the book.


BookI am also the author of the Mammals of North America, now in its second edition.  This field guide is also available as a smart-phone app that includes hundreds of vocalizations and GPS assisted identification. The best-selling field guide that “sets new standards” (New Scientist) and “makes all other field guides for mammals of the United States. . . and Canada obsolete” (Journal of Mammalogy). Covering 20 species recognized since 2002 and including 13 new color plates, this fully revised edition of Mammals of North America illustrates all 462 known mammal species in the United States and Canada–each in beautiful color and accurate detail. With a more up-to-date species list than any other guide, improved facing-page descriptions, easier-to-read distribution maps, updated common and scientific names, and track and scat illustrations, this slim, light, and easy-to-use volume is the must-have source for identifying North American mammals.




I have also written a bunch of peer review papers which are listed at my Google Scholar site and at my Research Gate site (includes some pdf’s).

You can use this link to download a pdf of our 2015 review for Science “Terrestrial animal tracking as an eye on life and planet“.science_tracking_figure



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