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I have collaborated with Dr. Meg Crofoot in research on the movement ecology of White-faced Capuchins and Olive Baboons.  We used our Automated Radio Telemetry System to track groups of capuchins, finding they had a ‘home field advantage‘ when competing with their neighbors for fruit trees, with groups more likely to win when they were closer to the center of their home range.  We also found that the habituated monkeys were not greatly affected by humans following them around on the ground, at least, they didn’t move further on days when they were followed.

Our baboon work involves tracking all (=most) individuals in a group to understand the dynamics of this social network and try to determine which animals are the leaders of the group.  See the below video for a summary of this project.

See this video for a summary of what the project discovered about leadership in baboonsand published in this Science article which included over 25 million data points.

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