Coyote Boldness Test FAQ

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Below is a running list of questions that have come up when running the novel object test with coyotes.

Q1. What if a coyote runs past a setup but doesn’t investigate the scent? Do we count that as our 1 coyote visit, keep the video, and move the camera, or leave the camera?

A1. We will only score and use videos where the coyote actually stops to interact with the scent lure, so a quick fly-by wont ‘count’.

Q2. How long should we leave a camera in one place? How often should we check it?

A2. We recommend a min time of 3 weeks in one place before giving up and moving to a new site. You can check it earlier if you think you’ll get a coyote interacting with the setup sooner than 3 weeks, or just wait 3 weeks. If you do get a coyote earlier you can move the camera to a new spot.

Q3. Can I put two setups closer than the minimum distance if I’m sure they are different coyote packs?

A3. Yes, if two sites are separated by a significant barrier (e.g. lake) or you know about pack territorial boundaries from other data, this is ok. Remember, highways are not necessarily a boundary for a coyote.

Q4. Do I have to run all cameras at once?

A4. No, we understand that you may have to use the same cameras to reach the sample size. But please be sure to run within the same season

Q5. What do I do with videos of other wildlife interactions?

A5. Please save them for now. A few collaborators have asked if they could use other species data for local projects and they may decide to ask for more data from the rest of us on these other species. We will send an email to all collaborators as a ‘last call’ for requesting camera trap data for other studies that may stem from this initial effort.

Q6. What do I do if a non-coyote steals the bait/scent?

Q5. This one is up to you. If you think the bait is likely to disappear right away again then you might want to give up on the site. If you think it might stay in place long enough to attract a coyote then its ok to rebait and try again.

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